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Museum of… L’Art pour L’Art, 2016

Edition of 16
Handmade book with 16 dust jackets

Size: 31 x 31 x 5 cm.
€ 195,00 incl. VAT 

This publication is based on the Oil on Canvas series by Rob van de Werdt. Museum of… invited the artist to select the depicted works from its collection and arrange them by order of his personal insights. The result can therefore be seen as both a critical comment and a work by itself. However, the person who obtain this publication is free to see things differently and to act upon his or her imagination.

This is a Museum of… publication. It exists in two versions: a limited edition of 16 handmade books with 16 dust jackets, numbered and signed and an edition of 200 consisting of only the dust jackets. 

© Museum of… and Rob van de Werdt, 2016.

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