P/////AKTPOOL: Lisa Sudhibhasilp – act 1/3


Lisa Sudhibhasilp
Go to the hardware store and
have a museum experience – act 1/3

Opening: Saturday 28 January, 20-24 hrs
29 January – 26 February 2017
Thu – Sun, 14-18 hrs



It was going to be the Egyptian section of the museum.

ALTHOUGH the access was restricted, I could see the decor through the glass doors.
There were some empty vitrines and pedestals, some were still wrapped in plastic.
They were waiting to be filled, to get content. These objects are usually invisible, but were
now revealed. They exist in the past, but start to disappear in their future. Their destiny  is
to be absent. Only carrying the image, the object, the knowledge.

They are these generic forms, like a pure material waiting to function.


Any exhibition space has its own agenda concerning not only what is shown, but also how it is shown; a setting and a script intended to do justice to the displayed objects as well as direct the visitor’s experience. Lisa Sudhibhasilp is interested in these mechanisms, both on the level of exhibition architecture and display modules and the Duchampian/contemporary strategies for incorporating them as (part of) artistic production. Sudhibhasilp‘s three-staged script for P//////AKT sets out to investigate, and perhaps even emphasise, the structures underlying presentation and the extent to which the boundaries between intent and experience, art and display, might dissolve. The first act is focusing on stage